bond woman with gun

      The New Bond Women

      The New Bond Women There is nothing like having the badass Bond with his cold, steely gaze and hot gun back in the theatre. It may be an unexpected thought for a studio specializing in boudoir and nude empowerment portraits. Modern women are not girls to be saved. On-screen, they match Bond for firepower and […]

      Angel woman wearing wings boudoir by Inner Spirit Photography

      Angel Wings – Take your Fantasy for a Flight

      Angel Wings – Take Your Fantasy For a Flight Have you ever watched Victoria’s Secret models strut down the runways flaunting their bouncy wings? Wishing you could wear a pair like that? Or perhaps you are just an angel at heart, would like to play the part. There is a serenity you feel when these […]

      Thrilled woman after seeing her nude or boudoir photos by Inner Spirit Photography

      Our Client’s Journey

      Our Client’s Journey She nervously asked, “What can I expect? I have never done a boudoir or nude photography session before.” A pretty good question that nearly every woman asks when we chat about booking her session.  Every step of a woman’s boudoir and nude photography experience has been refined over 40 years. It is […]

      Nude woman in Boudoir photo session

      The Matchmaker Experiences Her Thrill

      The Matchmaker Experiences Her Thrill Working a nude and boudoir photoshoot. I did a nude & boudoir photography session with a Matchmaker the other day. It was such a delight. As we talked, I realized what we do is similar. We find each person’s personal beauty. We bring it to the surface for our clients […]

      body painted nude woman outside, Calgary

      Is A Body Painted Lady Nude?

      Is A Body Painted Lady Nude? Body painting is having a very sheer second skin covering your nude body. The whole body could be covered when the art is finished, or bits of skin still peek through. When you look into the mirror, you can see the transformation. So are you nude now or considered […]

      Nude/boudoir photo session on bike with Mark Laurie photographer

      Courage vs Confidence

      Courage vs Confidence The Boudoir Factor Most people think that confidence is what they need, and it becomes what they search for. I must admit that few women first think that a nude or boudoir photo session can be a solution. I’ll come back to that in a bit.  What is interesting is a definition […]


      The Freedom of Flying Nude

      The Freedom of Flying Nude It is a rare experience taking flight nude or even in flowing boudoir lingerie. You float effortlessly in the image. It’s a powerful and free feeling! A rare experience, a thrill, relate women who have done it. We added one of those exercise bouncy mini trampolines to our studio props. […]

      Benefits of signing up for boudoir photography

      Benefits Of Signing Up For A Boudoir Session

      The Benefits of Signing Up For A Boudoir Session According to general studies, it is found that most women all across the globe sign up and go for a Boudoir or nude photoshoot only for getting photographed. But, in reality, a Boudoir session is much more than this. Yes, you read that right. Boudoir is […]

      Inner Spirit Photo by Mark Laurie Boudoir nude in Calgary,Canada studio.

      Boudoir is for Everyone!

      It’s empowering! It doesn’t matter who you are or why you want to do it. Even men can book a  session! We’ve all carried different stories. In the midst of life’s chaos, it’s perfectly fine to acknowledge your worth. Being confident is beautiful and sometimes, we need to reassure ourselves we still got-it-going-on. It’s fun! […]


      Sexy is Slippery When Wet

      Our studio looks like a Hollywood FX shoot. Water rains down on her slippery skin, splashing before it gathers into streams racing down over the curves of her body. It reaches the pond at her feet, creating ripples that disturb her reflection, giving it its own life. Flashes pop, electrifying the air, revealing not just […]