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      Her Nude Photo Shoot Was Her Adventure

      Her Nude Photo Shoot Just before her Southeast Asian Tour Not everyone comes in for empowerment or confidence. This client loves adventures. Clare’s session happened just before she left on a 6-month trip through Vietnam and South East Asia by herself. She has gone on alone trips like this before. She is so vibrant, eager […]

      Boudoir with jewel bra, asian woman romantically posed by Mark Laurie

      Why I Shoot Boudoir Photography

      Why I shoot Boudoir Photography This may be hard to imagine, but at one time, boudoir photography was not an option for women in western Canada. Inner Spirit Photography was the first studio in Calgary to offer boudoir photography exclusively. This was 41 years ago. I can still recall my first client’s faces and their […]

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      Busting Excuses

      Busting Excuses: Why You Deserve A Boudoir Experience! Excuses are the knee-jerk reactions to doing something bold. Which a boudoir photo session is! Your mind may be uncomfortable with the idea, but the heart knows you need it. You are here, so there is a buried desire to do this. Your mind does not want […]

      Boudoir 12 FAQ about Boudoir. Woman reclines in lingerie by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit PHotography

      12 Most Frequently Asked About Boudoir Questions

      Top 12 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Boudoir Photography A boudoir photo session can be a bit scary. Asking questions helps calm the nerves and it becomes less of an unknown. I have noticed some questions bubble to the top, so here they are: Do you share my images? Only if you would like us […]

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      My Boudoir Session – What Would My Kids Think?

      My Boudoir Session – What Would My Kids Think? – I am a mother. I am a role model to two growing and changing girls.  I tell them every day that they are beautiful, that they are radiant; how wonderful they are.  I encourage them to grow . . . to learn . . . […]

      Hi key nude of woman by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography, Calgary

      His Surprise Payment For Her Nude Photos

      His Surprise Payment For Her Nude Photos I have many stories of extraordinary reactions at the viewings of their partner’s nude or boudoir images. It is a very magical time, the viewing or image reveal, often full of surprises. Lots of spontaneous, intimate and moving moments happen. This story moved our client on many levels; […]

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      Heels Are Body Painted Women

      Heels Are Body Painted Women I love body-painted women. Just watching their faces as their bodies transform during their nude body painting, is fun. Their nude figure becomes this personal art piece over a few hours. (check out the High Heel body painted vidoe at the end. ) My clients are embracing it too. We […]


      Nude ESPN Athletes Talk About Empowerment

      Nude ESPN Athletes Talk About Empowerment ESPN is an unexpected magazine to have an annual nude athlete edition, especially talking about nude empowerment. Even more surprising is how many of the athletes talk about it being an empowering moment for them.  Sadly the ESPN Body 2019 issue was the last year for their print version.  Most […]

      My Better Self, woman showing what she sees about her body

      Do You See Your Body Like This?

      Do You See Your Body Like This? Sarah cried out, “My legs are too big in the photo!” But, I pointed out, your legs aren’t in the photo. “I know,” she replied, “but they would have been.” This was as she viewed her images from her boudoir / nude photography session. This is a common expression of […]

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      How Robin Empowered Herself

      How Robin Empowered Herself Robin’s Life Coach, to empower her, had taken her up some pretty steep hills, cresting each peak, she felt more personal power returning. There were a lot of hills to climb, she softly explained. She had looked into some dark places within. This last step would be her breakthrough. Robin Decides […]