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  1. Finally Revealed – Which Photo Session Delivers The Most To You!

    Watching the reactions of clients experiencing boudoir and nude portraits over 45 years, I have learned a few things. The bolder the photography experience, the more profound and transformative the emotional impact. As you move from regular portrait sessions to glamour, boudoir, and finally to elegant, expressive nude photography, you can feel these escalating changes. […]

  2. blonde woman laying down with fire on her legs, pinup glamour boudoir style

    Girl On Fire! Does It Hurt?

    Wearing fire is a bold wardrobe choice. It is not your typical boudoir experience; we put the fire right on your skin. We had three women volunteer for our promotional session. It was exciting, daunting and emotionally a breakthrough for them all.  First, yes, it is real fire, a very safe process with a pro […]

  3. beauty

    Perception of Beauty

    Describing beauty is a slippery slope, not a singular or universal ideal.  It is markedly different from nation to nation and even over our history.  The phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”, penned in Margaret Wolfe Hungerford’s 1878 novel, best embraces this diversity.  The ancient Greeks described it as the harmony between […]

  4. Head shot of blonde woman bare shoulders looking up photographed by Mark Laurie

    Carol A Woman Transformed

    Her eyes sparkled with barely contained excitement as I handed her the book. This collection of images from a transformative nude boudoir session had reset her life, reshaping how she saw herself and interacted with the world. It was, to put it simply, life-altering. Carol often reminisced about the day she became “Carol, the fearless […]

  5. Body Painted woman at Inner Spirit Photo studio.

    Body Painted Women – The Ultimate in Personal Expression!

    The first ochre-rich pigment brushed onto human skin around 100,000 years ago. This was the raw, basic start of body painting art. Tribal rituals and war paint were the first expressive use. You have probably seen remote tribal cultures still practising painting at this level.  Today, in places like Calgary, Canada, it has become part […]

  6. Image BackStory: Seen In A New Light

    Kenisha’s image had a transformation path nearly as remarkable as Kenisha’s personal transformation.  The flow and result of her session reveals the power of boudoir portrait photography. Before I took her image, I envisioned it: a moody image of a woman leaning against an old brick wall, her open jacket revealing hints of sensuality in […]

  7. Before and after photo of a woman. Inner Spirit Photography

    The Magic of Makeup: Transforming Inner Beauty

    There’s something truly enchanting about the power of makeup, isn’t there? It’s not just about the physical transformation; it’s about the journey it takes us on—a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and confidence. Picture this: You sit down in front of the mirror, perhaps a bit nervous, maybe even a tad apprehensive. But as the makeup […]

  8. Boudoir Water Sessions, Calgary, Inner Spirit Photography. Sensual fun.

    Boudoir Water Session Now Booking

    Only 8 Sessions May 25 & 26 Included: waterproof makeup, light hair styling, props, and some outfits 60 min of session time. Lots of splashes, reflections, rain and fun. Boudoir is bigger than a bedroom; this set is like a huge Hollywood water set. A Water Master is even part of the team. Or should […]

  9. cowgirl by Inner Spirit Photography - Mark Laurie. boudoir

    Cowgirls Are Hot

    Cowgirls Are Hot! They are wickedly independent women; they run with their own rules. They work hard and play hard. Nude and Boudoir Photography is a natural choice.That is why they are such a delight in our studio. They are bold, usually going for the nude poses, perhaps with a hat or boots, and neither […]

  10. Asian woman in rhinestone bra laying on back during her nude boudoir photography session by Mark Laurie

    Fascinating Woman Reveals Herself

    Fascinating Woman Reveals Herself Women who come in for boudoir or nude photography portraits are usually fascinating ladies. They explore what excites and interests them. Some come in for confidence building, and some to see themselves in a different light. They all reveal so much about themselves in their images. They discover so much about […]