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Mark offered the first nude & boudoir photography studio in Calgary and remains the best. His imaginative portraits expand beyond the typical “lingerie and satin sheets” boudoir. Mark’s creatively passionate presentation of women has earned him the honour of being the most awarded photographer in his niche in Canada. Possibly North America.


The Magic of Makeup: Transforming Inner Beauty

The Magic of Makeup: Transforming Inner Beauty

There’s something truly enchanting about the power of makeup, isn’t there? It’s not just about the physical transformation; it’s about the journey it takes us on—a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and confidence.

Picture this: You sit down in front of the mirror, perhaps a bit nervous, maybe even a tad apprehensive. But as the makeup artist works her magic, something remarkable begins to happen. With each brushstroke and every carefully chosen shade, you start to see a version of yourself emerge—one that’s polished, radiant, and undeniably beautiful.

steampuke woman with raygun and hat. AI background by inner spirit Photo

You are still you; it’s not some radical change of look, it’s your colours, your style; yet somehow, it is more. Professionals create that. 

But it’s not just about the external changes. As you sit in that chair, surrounded by soft lighting and the gentle hum of conversation, something shifts within you. With each passing moment, you start to feel special, cherished even. The experience becomes more than just a makeup application; it becomes an emotional journey—a journey of self-love and acceptance.

woman in red corset lingerie, smiling face by inner spirit photo - Mark Laurie

You can see in the mirror’s reflection your studio set being built, lights going up. Soft music plays, you feel a creative security well up from somewhere. 

As the makeup artist puts the finishing touches on your look, you can’t help but feel a sense of anticipation building within you. You believe in the magic of this moment. You believe that your boudoir session is going to be nothing short of amazing.

And you know what? You’re absolutely right.

blonde woman, hair blowing in sun dress looking at camera.
smiling woman looking up at camera, red lipstick by Inner Spirit Photo, Mark Laurie. Boudoir image