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Mark offered the first nude & boudoir photography studio in Calgary and remains the best. His imaginative portraits expand beyond the typical “lingerie and satin sheets” boudoir. Mark’s creatively passionate presentation of women has earned him the honour of being the most awarded photographer in his niche in Canada. Possibly North America.


Fascinating Woman Reveals Herself

Fascinating Woman Reveals Herself

Fascinating Woman Reveals Herself

Women who come in for boudoir or nude photography portraits are usually fascinating ladies. They explore what excites and interests them. Some come in for confidence building, and some to see themselves in a different light.

They all reveal so much about themselves in their images. They discover so much about themselves too.

Kindest Safe Space Experience

There is a feeling imbued in my creative space of a studio. One relaxed woman described it as the kindest safe space she had ever been in. Women have often expressed it feeling like a warm womb.

The feel of our studio is essential to the journey of self-discovery. You can’t fully express or explore yourself if you don’t feel safe and seen.

Once uninhibited, women can stretch their boundaries, experiment, be revealing. Being revealing applies to both soul and body.

Boudoir of Blonde woman in bikini looking at camera by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography
So comfortable in her own skin

Barely Notice When They Start Doing Nudes

We have found the fewer clothes, the more uninhibited women become. They are removing boundaries, removing shields, removing protection, and removing constraints. The first is often spooky or more.

Often, to their surprise, they cross that line without noticing it. They are in the flow, in the excitement of the moment.

Here you have one of the core things that motivate me; that is my joy. Being the trigger of change, of discovery.

Witness A Transition In Real-Time

In a recent session, Emily was there to witness a woman’s transition. Emily usually leaves after doing makeup; this time, she was assisting me. She found it so moving.

Our client’s whole posture changed and relaxed. Her head came up higher, and her eyes sparkled. Moving into her next pose was more fluid. Her energy could be felt. It was remarkable and moving for Emily to see.

Boudoir photo bra and panties dressed woman on couch by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography
“Love the casual pose.”

Subconscious Drives Them

For most women, it seems like their subconscious is driving them to our studio to experience this. Now their subconscious may not be so precise as to direct them to go to Inner Spirit Photography for nudes along with an awakening. It does appear to make them sensitive to the most viable place to achieve this.

Usually, the reason expressed for coming in is a surface reason; after becoming more comfortable with us, they will share what they realize is the honest purpose for coming.

Women like Nancy shift to a whole new plane. Often to the casual observer, it may seem marginal at first, yet it is profound. It ripples out, becoming point zero for far-reaching changes.

Nude Boudoir photo on reflective mylar great legs
A suggestive nude where nothing shows, yet is a nude.

Nude & Boudoir Photography Hold Promises

While our photography sessions, our nude and boudoir sessions hold all this promise, the woman who walk in are already fascinating individuals. This heightens it. They often use the experience to add another interesting story to share in their lives.

It would be such a delight to share this experience with you.