nude, boudoir, & beauty projects

To push boundaries, gain new skills, experiment, or create a new purpose, Mark Laurie does personal projects.

Often, he pulls together a team: makeup artist, body painters, models, hair stylists, assistants, specialists and occasionally other photographers. All working towards a vision he has created.

The photography projects are usually in Calgary, but he has traveled to international locations. They may be his signature nudes, boudoir, glamour but can easily go beyond that.

His Mermaid project is an example. They did a test session in a smaller pool with only a couple of mermaids. Got the kinks out, sourced a larger pool, 6 models, an assistant and another photographer. Staged the pool then spent 13 hours in the water, under the water. It was amazing and the images were fantastic!

The big project right now is Her Body Speaks ( The vision for this is to amass a body of work with words that are an empowerment statement and a role model inspiration event. The end goal is a book and Art gallery display. Each woman gets makeup done then their positive, powerful word choices are painted on their bodies. Following that they step onto the white seamless background for an empowering photo shoot. The session wraps with the current writer, Terry Groves, interviewing them for their story.

Mark usually draws from his clients for his projects. He brings in models if the project needs it. That is one of the perks of being photographed by Mark, more adventures can wait!

Everyone at Inner Spirit loves body painting, so we host Paint Jams at least every couple of months. (Covid causing a blip to that!) You will find up to 6 painters, with a model each; free to express any artistic vision that they wish. An amazing body of painted body art is created!

You will find the empowerment thread emerge somewhere in his personal work. Body embracing, confidence, expressions of female power are underlying themes he does not stray far from.

He is open to collaborative ideas too, just Contact Us !