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Mark offered the first nude & boudoir photography studio in Calgary and remains the best. His imaginative portraits expand beyond the typical “lingerie and satin sheets” boudoir. Mark’s creatively passionate presentation of women has earned him the honour of being the most awarded photographer in his niche in Canada. Possibly North America.


His Surprise Payment For Her Nude Photos

His Surprise Payment For Her Nude Photos

His Surprise Payment For Her Nude Photos

I have many stories of extraordinary reactions at the viewings of their partner’s nude or boudoir images. It is a very magical time, the viewing or image reveal, often full of surprises.

Lots of spontaneous, intimate and moving moments happen. This story moved our client on many levels; her husband’s solution took her by total surprise, exposing how much he treasured her.

Now let me set this for your first.

Imagine you own a treasured collection of rare and valuable comic books. You are a serious collector, each copy close to your heart. Everyone knows it.

What would move you to sell one or two of them?

I overheard two comic collectors hotly debating this very topic recently.

That brings us to the viewing of Sara’s images with her long-time comic book collector husband.

Husband Tom’s Unexpected Reaction

This was her second viewing. She had liked so many of her images that she had rapidly exceeded her budget. She brought husband Tom along to help. He was her numbers guy, very practical; she was pretty sure he would pare her image choices down to fit her budget.

Sara was not expecting his reaction or his solution. It brought her personal value of the session experience to a whole new memorable level.

Sara’s first surprise was Tom asking to see all her images, not just her final selection. He kept on finding gems he loved in Sara’s discarded choices. Rather than eliminating, he was adding to her favs.

Sara’s second surprise came when he leaped out of his chair when a reclining pose appeared. It was unexpected and abrupt. “You are breathtaking! This has to be large on our wall; it has to be!” Pointing to our largest displayed mage, he went on, “It has to be that size; it would look incredible on our wall in that size!”

Beyond Our Budget, Now What?

Sara pulled Tom back into his chair, whispering, “That is beyond our budget; you are not helping.”

He barely heard he was so excited, “So how much,” he asked me, standing up again, “for that image, in that size and the rest in a book?”

He paused at the answer, clearly thinking. The look on Sara’s face was incredulous; this was not going how she thought it would, clearly.

His face cleared, he smiled, said just a minute, as he stepped out of the room, pulling his phone out.


Ten minutes or so passed, then Tom returned, wearing this satisfied smile. Dropping happily back into his chair, Tom exclaimed, “It’s all good; we’ll take all of them in a book and that one, that size for the wall.”

A bewildered Sara stammered out, “how?”

Smiling at her, Tom replied, “Thanks to Thor and two Spiderman.” Then grinned bigger as his phone rang again.

As he left to answer it, Sara turned to me, “He has had those comics forever! They are his most prized possessions; I can’t believe he did that!” She was glowing.

Tom was so in the moment; I don’t think he noticed the body language changes in Sara. His response meant the world to her.

It went far beyond the transaction; it spoke of how much he valued her, of her importance to him.

Stunning Trade For Her Nudes

Thor and two Spiderman comics for her images. It was a gesture Tom did not realize how grand or moving it was for her.

For Sara, that action of his became her transforming moment.

We have been told how moving and transformational the photographic experience we provide is. The images anchor the day’s memory, becoming a reminder of how bold and fabulous they are.

For me, it’s so cool knowing that what we do enriches relationships. That it opens doors to revelations.

Parting With His Treasure For A Bigger Treasure

Tom parting with three of his most treasured comics for something he valued even more is exciting to watch.

That whole thing becomes a treasured memory of my own.

What would you trade for her? What do you think he would trade for you?