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Mark offered the first nude & boudoir photography studio in Calgary and remains the best. His imaginative portraits expand beyond the typical “lingerie and satin sheets” boudoir. Mark’s creatively passionate presentation of women has earned him the honour of being the most awarded photographer in his niche in Canada. Possibly North America.


How Robin Empowered Herself

How Robin Empowered Herself

How Robin Empowered Herself

Robin’s Life Coach, to empower her, had taken her up some pretty steep hills, cresting each peak, she felt more personal power returning. There were a lot of hills to climb, she softly explained. She had looked into some dark places within. This last step would be her breakthrough.

Robin Decides To Do A Very Scary Thing – Then It Empowered Her.

Robin started out a little terrified. Being terrified was, sadly, something she had experienced way too many times. Her life had been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Like a roller coaster, it was primarily out of her control.

But this time, with this nude photoshoot, if she got the nerve to be so bold, this would be in her control, her choice.

 Her Life Coach Referred Robin To Us

Her daughter, Hali, had directed her to us. Hali had taken her mom through a life coach program. This boudoir / nude session was the final empowering step in that process. I find it fascinating how many life coaches find us, then incorporate our sessions into a critical part of their coaching programs.

Photography becomes powerful because of the experience in having them taken as in the resulting images. They seem to crystalize that moment in your life. So much becomes attached to the picture, so many memories, feelings, and people (even if they are not in the photo) become a thread of memory anchored by the photograph. To empower herself, this is what Robin did. 

 Casual photographs don’t do this. You need the whole experience of the shoot for this to come into play.

Robin tells her story, with her most treasured images, in this video.

 Being So Bold

So, with great bravado, Robin decided to go for some self-induced terror, create a breakthrough moment, and alter how she saw herself. Replace how she felt about her body. 

 Robin was shocked by how easy it was to actually do. She barely noticed the transition from being covered to being nude by how quickly it happened; it was not expected. Robin started out so nervous; she thought it wouldn’t be until the last few shots that she would get up the nerve to slip out of her clothes. 

 Robin thought the boudoir part of the session would be longer and brace her for posing nude, which was her goal. 

It Happened Wonderfully Fast

 It happened quickly; for most women, they get comfortable far faster than they expected to. 

People think the flow goes from dressed to lingerie to semi-nude to nude. It usually doesn’t. It is a mix. As lights and sets change, so does what works or feels right in the moment. The mix is more fluid and expressive as you go along. At every moment, though, women are in control of what they want. 

 The Plan Is Flexible

Ideas are explored in the planning stage when we first meet. The plan is not always precise, yet what is wanted most often is.

Her video is her story. She starts talking about her expectations; why she is doing this. What her hopes for the outcome. After Robin’s photography session, she tells you about what she felt and how her expectations changed. Robin shares her amazement at what she has just done.

Then we have the unveiling, and she truly sees herself for the first time. It really moves her as she talks about how she felt and what the whole experience meant to her.

Robin got a collection of images with a plan for a book to make her adventurous steps memorable.

 You can see her transition as she flows through the framework of the experience we created. It is an experience we recommend for everyone, no matter how scared they may be starting out. We guarantee an eye-opening adventure!

Not So Scary

 Robin’s rollercoaster ride wound up not being scary at all.

 She had her breakthrough. She was in awe of that, which was pretty cool for us to see. 

Robin’s video gives you a greater sense of how emotional the whole experience and growth were. 

If you liked this story, we have a whole book with them we would love to gift to you. It is called Revelations, which you can download, for free, here.

Robin tells her about her adventure and what it means to her,