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Mark offered the first nude & boudoir photography studio in Calgary and remains the best. His imaginative portraits expand beyond the typical “lingerie and satin sheets” boudoir. Mark’s creatively passionate presentation of women has earned him the honour of being the most awarded photographer in his niche in Canada. Possibly North America.


Carol A Woman Transformed

Carol A Woman Transformed

Her eyes sparkled with barely contained excitement as I handed her the book. This collection of images from a transformative nude boudoir session had reset her life, reshaping how she saw herself and interacted with the world. It was, to put it simply, life-altering.

Carol often reminisced about the day she became “Carol, the fearless warrior goddess.” Battling years of illness, enduring childhood trauma, and surviving a harrowing sexual assault had left her feeling fragmented. Stepping into my studio took every ounce of courage she had. That day, she cast away all the fears that held her back from fully embracing life.

As she sat, eyes glowing, hands delicately touching her book, she expressed profound gratitude. She had rediscovered her beauty, sexuality, and essence. She felt whole, unbroken, and enough.

“The change was immediate,” Carol reflected. “Sitting there, feeling the weight of the book, realizing these images captured my spirit, my transformation—it was like seeing myself for the first time.”

The changes since her session were remarkable. Carol was amazed by the many opportunities that opened once she embraced a newfound fearlessness. Her awe was evident each time she flipped through her book: “It’s like a dream; I can hardly believe it’s me!”

Reflecting on her favourite photo, the Hollywood shot, Carol noted its unexpected glamour and fun, starkly contrasting her self-perception. “It showed me a potential I never knew I had. There was Carol, in all her glory.”

“Seeing myself like that, it was like the photo whispered to me, ‘This is who you are. Embrace her,'” Carol said, her voice thick with emotion. “And I believed it. For the first time, I believed in my beauty, in my power.”

Her acceptance of her body was a significant milestone. Having the time between shoots allowed her to appreciate her progress, accepting her body with all its scars as part of her life story. This acceptance was liberating, she explained, transforming her self-view and catalyzing her healing journey.

Carol’s advice to other women considering a boudoir session is emphatic: “Go for it. It changes who you are. It allows you to confront and cast aside the burdens of past traumas and embrace your body with all its imperfections.”

“Every woman should have the chance to see herself as I did—free, unashamed, and radiant,” Carol urged. “It’s not just about the photos. It’s about waking up to your worth.”

Carol’s journey didn’t stop with personal transformation; it also led her to participate in my “Her Body Speaks” project, where women chose powerful words to be painted on their bodies. They were photographed nude against a white backdrop in black and white. This experience, which can be seen on [Her Body Speaks](http://herbodyspeaks.ca), was even more powerful than her first shoot. “Putting words physically on my body and seeing that reflected back at me was transformative. There I was, the real Carol, visible and vibrant.”

This growth also led her to share her story on my podcast, “Fascinating Women.” Sponsored by Inner Spirit Photography, the podcast dives into uplifting character studies of our guests. Carol’s episode can be explored at Fascinating Women.

Carol’s continued involvement in projects like “Her Body Speaks” and her appearance on “Fascinating Women” testify to her growth. She sees these opportunities as stepping stones to further self-discovery and empowerment. Her participation is driven by a desire to empower and help other women through her story.

Her initial decision to have a photo session came at a pivotal time. Having won a contest for a session with Inner Spirit Photography, she saw it as a sign to reconnect with herself—to find Carol again after years of disconnection due to her assaults and health struggles.

Carol’s journey of transformation is ongoing. She is working on a book about her life, focusing on managing pain and planning to open a pain management clinic that empowers patients. Her experiences have taught her the value of seizing opportunities that come her way, transforming fear into hope and advocacy.

This story of Carol’s transformation is a powerful reminder of the profound impact that embracing one’s self through art can have. It’s about finding and reclaiming one’s strength and beauty and, ultimately, living a life that reflects one’s true self.