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Mark offered the first nude & boudoir photography studio in Calgary and remains the best. His imaginative portraits expand beyond the typical “lingerie and satin sheets” boudoir. Mark’s creatively passionate presentation of women has earned him the honour of being the most awarded photographer in his niche in Canada. Possibly North America.


The New Bond Women

The New Bond Women

The New Bond Women

There is nothing like having the badass Bond with his cold, steely gaze and hot gun back in the theatre. It may be an unexpected thought for a studio specializing in boudoir and nude empowerment portraits.

Modern women are not girls to be saved. On-screen, they match Bond for firepower and general badassness. Both in smarts and ability.

Some might say they even outshine him. A Bond girl means something more significant now, from his deceased boss to his new double O partners. Capable women now cross the Bond horizon. Even age does not factor in anymore, as the last M revealed.

Who Is The Role Model Here?

I am not sure if the women of today are the role models that Bond women are based on or if the Bond women were the role models the modern women stepped into.

My clients get to request a little of that spice in their sessions. Break out of the mold, test their wings, try expressing themselves differently. Sometimes they try on a little badass to go with it.

Decades ago (four of them exactly), my sessions would be mostly one-note, soft romantic boudoir. Boudoir had just arrived (before that, it was called glamour). While tame now, back then, it was a mold-breaker. Few studios had the nerve to openly offer it. Inner spirit photography was the first in Calgary,

It’s Evolution of Women

Women, my clients, have evolved. Over a 4-hour session, they expose different slices of who they are, sometimes going over the top to express that. They fully indulge themselves. It may be a slow start as they get warmed up to what is possible. To walk past the nerves into what they really want.

That’s ok; we create a very safe space for that. They don’t have to work without a net.

Now, women are looking for a new level of daring. From baring their soul to bearing their bodies, they step into their own boldness. The really revealing thing is, it is rarely primarily as a gift. Usually, having a gift to give is the side bonus of doing this. Usually it’s about their own boudoir and nude empowerment

So, if you would like to try a little badass on, slip by for a visit. We have all sorts of props to go with that.

That famous phrase could be . . . “Bond, Jane Bond” or “Bond, Betty Bond” or “Bond, Karen Bond.”

Just drop your name in there; you can go over your edge any time.

Visit our studio to express the boldness of a Bond woman.