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Mark offered the first nude & boudoir photography studio in Calgary and remains the best. His imaginative portraits expand beyond the typical “lingerie and satin sheets” boudoir. Mark’s creatively passionate presentation of women has earned him the honour of being the most awarded photographer in his niche in Canada. Possibly North America.


Not Real Heels – Body Painted Women

Not Real Heels – Body Painted Women

Not High Heels – Body Painted Women!

I love body painted women. My clients are pretty thrilled too. For many years we have created some spectacular body painted art.

Not this yet though. When I first saw this video, (watch it at the end) I thought it was just big replica shoes. Then one moved, it was a woman! Actually, she unfolded. The high heeled shoe turned into an artsy painted woman.

Watch the video to see all the shoes unfold into painted women. It is such a striking visual.

We do creative art pieces like this all the time. Watching the painting happen is fascinating. First, base colors are broadly painted and the body starts to vanish. Then shapes and intent begin to appear until suddenly, it’s finished. WOW.

It’s not a quick process. Some creations in the studio have taken 6 and 8 hours, some with a few other artists assisting. These are very detailed, elaborate full body front to back, head to toe.

For most of our client work it is all done in 2 to 4 hours. The painters work fast.

What is so amazing about body painters is their changing canvas unlike a regular painter who always paints on canvas board, or perhaps a wall, nearly always a flat surface.

Body Painters have no idea what the shape is they will be applying their concept to. Big and small breasts, perky or long, tummies, tattoos’, stretch marks or abs. Big bum, round bum, flat bum. It goes on.

Yet they adapt, taking advantage of rolls, shapes, contours even wrinkles and nipples. In one art piece, based on the Disney Snow White characters with the queen as a hag, the famous wart on her chin was positioned so my client’s nipple became the wart!

Just as gorgeous as the art pieces are, the character art, like tribal, where the woman can move freely, becoming what she is wearing.

These heels though, are such a visual delight. Imagine walking by a display at a trade show. You think it’s just a big sample shoe then it moves. How delightful is that?