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Mark offered the first nude & boudoir photography studio in Calgary and remains the best. His imaginative portraits expand beyond the typical “lingerie and satin sheets” boudoir. Mark’s creatively passionate presentation of women has earned him the honour of being the most awarded photographer in his niche in Canada. Possibly North America.


Heels Are Body Painted Women

Heels Are Body Painted Women

Heels Are Body Painted Women

I love body-painted women. Just watching their faces as their bodies transform during their nude body painting, is fun. Their nude figure becomes this personal art piece over a few hours. (check out the High Heel body painted vidoe at the end. )

My clients are embracing it too. We added a body painting option to our nude and boudoir sessions back in 1985. We made it available to the average woman.

This video has an unexpected reveal at the end; when people first started watching it, they thought it was just a big replica shoe prop until they moved! Suddenly it was a woman unwinding of the pedestal. Some viewers gasped at the twist of reality.

Artsy Nude Women

Such a rich idea, an exotic high heel became an artsy nude woman all perfectly painted.

This type of body painting is much trickier than our usual pieces. The artist has to figure out the pose to create the look. Get the woman into the pose to sketch out on her body the base design.

Then paint her just standing, imagining the final design. Once ready, the woman carefully (Can’t smudge the paint) contorts into position, holding it. The artist finishes the painting, touching up any smudges or bad fits.

Still keeping that pose, the model waits while the video and photographer record.

Collapse Reality

Finally, the woman unwinds, collapsing the reality the viewer had believed.

I am pretty sure no one thinks, “oh, look, a naked woman under the paint.”

The eye adjusts to this reality and does not see the nudity.

It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Other Possibilities Abound

I have seen where the women are painted into the background, virtually invisible to the casual eye. When she steps out from the wall to take an order, the surprised people often just fall off their chairs.

We do creative art pieces like this all the time. Watching the painting happen is fascinating. First, base colours are broadly painted, and the body starts to vanish. Then shapes and intent begin to appear until suddenly, it’s finished. WOW.

Not a Quicky Creation

It’s not a quick process. Some creations in the studio have taken 6 and 8 hours, some with a few other artists assisting. These are very detailed, elaborate full-body front to back, head to toe.

For most of our client work, it is all done in 2 to 4 hours. The painters work fast; the model needs to be patient, though. Really makes you appreciate what the actors go through on those special effects movie sets.

What is so amazing about body painters is their changing canvas, unlike a regular painter who always paints on canvas, board, or perhaps a wall, nearly always a flat surface. Nude body painting has its challenges.

Body Painters have no idea what the shape is they will be applying their concept to. Big and small breasts, perky or long, tummies, tattoos’, stretch marks or abs. Big bum, round bum, flat bum. It goes on. We give advice on prepping your body for a body paint session.

Any Body Shape Works

Yet they adopt, taking advantage of rolls, shapes, contours, even wrinkles and nipples. In one art piece, based on the Disney Snow White characters with the queen as a hag, the famous wart on her chin was positioned, so my client’s nipple became the wart!

Just as gorgeous as the art pieces are, the character art, like tribal “tattoos” where the woman can move freely, becoming what she is wearing. She can “feel” the power of the designs. They always share how liberating it is.

Looking at their images on the wall or in books brings that feeling of power and boldness back.

These heels, though, are such a visual delight. Imagine walking by a display at a trade show. You think it’s just a big sample shoe, then it moves.

How awesome is that?

Have you ever seen this art and thought, “I could do that! Wait, where could I do that?”

Here, in our studio, give into your curiosity.