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Mark offered the first nude & boudoir photography studio in Calgary and remains the best. His imaginative portraits expand beyond the typical “lingerie and satin sheets” boudoir. Mark’s creatively passionate presentation of women has earned him the honour of being the most awarded photographer in his niche in Canada. Possibly North America.


This May Sound Odd, But here is what I want. . .

This May Sound Odd, But here is what I want. . .

This May Sound Odd, But Here Is What I Want. . .

You might be surprised how often we hear that phrase. We have become known for creating unique solutions, so the question comes up quite often.

 One mother explained that her child was at the perfect age, She was just adorable and so sweet. What she wanted of her image was a something touchable. I found a company that had just started doing a high end woven product. Their afghan quilts were very thick with a high thread count that recreated a limited color palette. It looked amazing. She was thrilled. This happened before even the low end versions arrived.

 An athlete who loved climbing had a session in our canyon rock set. When she was selecting her images she mentioned it would be really cool to get the rock texture on her image. So I went looking and found a way to get images printed directly on a rock instead of paper. When you run you fingers over the slate, you can feel all the ridges. In the right light, you can see the texture and ridges of the slate. She was thrilled, since then it has become a popular option for many clients.

 A real romantic client needed something to give her fiance before her full order arrived. We came up with our “Love Letter”. We took her favorite image, textured it digitally and mounted it on one side of a bifold. Then on the opposite side we attached her heart-felt expression of love. He was very impressed.

 We became one of the first founding members of the company who created our digital albums that sit on your device as an app. A client had asked if there was a way to get her images on her phone but not as part of her picture collection since random people often looked at her images. The latest use for the digital album is for two really good looking twins to use as their mobile model portfolio that they can share.

 Our latest unique option, not even finished yet, is a morphing program.  We have a delightful client we have been photographing for decades. It’s not new but it is very cool. We will string a collection of her images together that will show her ageing, her different styles, it is going to be a thrill to create.

 So if you have a very unusual approach or need, we can probably figure it out. Then we can delight you with its unveiling.

 No matter how odd, we want to know what it is that you want . . .