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Mark offered the first nude & boudoir photography studio in Calgary and remains the best. His imaginative portraits expand beyond the typical “lingerie and satin sheets” boudoir. Mark’s creatively passionate presentation of women has earned him the honour of being the most awarded photographer in his niche in Canada. Possibly North America.


Is Body Painted Woman Still Nude?

Is Body Painted Woman Still Nude?

Is A Painted Lady Nude?

Body painting is having a very sheer second skin covering your nude body. When the art is finished the whole body could be covered or bits of skin might still peek through. When you look into the mirror you can see the transformation.

So are you nude anymore?

The most common observation once painted, is the women don’t feel they are, they feel covered. In some cases, they feel like another character. The painted outfit or abstract often emboldens them. It is exotic and exciting, creating a cool rush.

We had one client who was posing with another, both in 50’s painted clothes. Doing a dance move he swung her into him when she squealed then apologized. She said up until the moment of contact, she had forgotten she was naked.

The most amusing was my client walking out of a downtown hotel wearing a painted over G-string and heels in deep conversation with her friend. We had been doing a project there. It was noon time rush hour; the sidewalks were full of people going both directions.

It was nearly a block before the breeze came up, startling her with a windy caress. While she hurried back no one else appeared to notice that she was naked . . . or was she?

This is not new; there are YouTube video experiments around the world with the same results, painted women sitting down in outdoor cafes for lunch. Strolling through festivals, workplaces, busy tourist venues or just sidewalks full of busy office workers. So few even notice the painted ladies.

The double-takes are amusing for the rare ones that do.

Some women have clothes replicated on their bodies; corsets, sports jerseys, superhero costumes, suits and so on. Others go in for tribal designs that focus on strength and power, including personal icons important to them.

Popular are landscape depictions where their body becomes a painter’s canvas with every curve being taken advantage of. This often gives a 3d quality to the art design.

Abstracts or iconic recreations of elements are popular. They create very personal expressions.

Once painted, women tend to move differently. You can see the confidence grow; they start to have delicious fun with it, especially if it is clothes or a character. The Zombies on my birthday body painted session did that. With their faces done they completely became the zombies, in their case the graduating zombies.

You can really see the transformation take hold when they become body painted Cosplayers at a comic convention. The detail is amazing but weapons and accessories really complete the whole effect. What is so wonderful is their body shape, even if they are a bigger person portraying a fighting lean superhero, makes no difference to either them or those that see them. Nor does age, the body art elevates them above all of that.

To push the real clothing look a little further they add real items to the art. Like blue jeans will have ripped threads, or biz cards will stick out of back pockets. You can see the ripped shirtsleeve holding the cigarette package in place. Metal decorative disks will be glued on the painted belts.

In Las Vegas several women fully body painted fooled the bouncers of a no nudity bar for 4 hours before they were spotted and escorted out. Waving them in, the doorman clearly thought they were not nude.

It is so cool, this effect. To be either painted or lucky me, to be the photographer.

So what do you think, is a painted lady nude?